Locally Owned & Veteran Operated, serving the greater Cleveland Area.

Pest Management from Start to Finish

All services provided follow rules and regulations mandated by the Ohio Department of Agriculture, E.P.A., and F.I.F.R.A.


Ants are widespread and notoriously difficult to get rid of without the help of a trained expert.


Fleas are dangerous for your family and pets, which is why professional help is needed.


Left untreated by professionals, cockroach infestations can get out of hand quickly.

Wasps & Hornets

Wasps & hornets can be dangerous and their nests should be removed by an expert.


Rodents carry filth and disease wherever they go. They can infest fast and are hard to get rid of.

Stink Bugs

Stink bugs are invasive pests, meaning their numbers will only grow without an exterminator’s help.


Spiders’ stealthy and solitary nature make them hard to get rid of without professional help.


It can be difficult to find the source of centipede infestations without an expert eye.

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Experience, continuous training, & customer care.

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Serving the greater Cleveland area, we know the pests you have to deal with, and know how to handle them.

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Testimonials & Reviews

Reviews from Facebook

Reached out to Chuck yesterday and he has already been out to the house to address the problem. Very quick response and professional as can be. Highly recommend!

Excellent service from Chuck!! Polite, professional and very thorough. Would strongly recommend Patriot Pest Control. Addressed our ant problem this spring and would hire again!!

We had a serious tick problem when we moved into our new house. Chuck has been coming every month to treat the yard and ticks are no longer an issue. He’s also come out on short notice to take care of bees.
He’s very professional, informative, affordable and friendly.

He arrived on time and did a perfect job keeping the bugs away. Very organized and neat.

Great service and very professional highly recommend!
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